AEM Brackets Extension Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to install the AEM Sightly Brackets Extension and see how easy it is to transfer content back and forth between Brackets and your local instance of AEM. For this tutorial I was using: AEM 6.0, AEM Brackets Extension 0.0.12, and Brackets 1.1. You should be able to follow along with other versions of this software. In order to follow along you will need the following:

AEM Sightly Brackets Extension

With the release of AEM 6, sightly has become the new go to language instead of using JSP. With the switch to this there has a been a new tool that was released, a sightly brackets extension. This extension offers some great features such as sightly syntax highlighting, code completion for sightly expressions, and bidirectional synchronization. What does this all mean? Well, Brackets is an open source text editor that focuses on web design, and with sightly being a HTML5 template, it is a great tool to edit it with.